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Syncope units: One solution to an expensive problem

each year. Diagnostic costs can climb into the tens of thousands of dollars, and costs of care are high: $8,700 per admission, with an average length of stay of 3 ... The teams were not isolated management units, but rather specialized teams with
November 2013

Infectious diseases

The study included 4,323 patients in the University of North Carolina Center for AIDS Research HIV Clinical Cohort who received clinical care in 1996 to 2016 (29% women, 60% black). ... The findings show the importance of early diagnosis and retention in
October 2019

Nurses and delirium

I appreciate your point of view. I wholeheartedly agree that nursing research and clinical care are at the forefront of this important topic.
February 2018

ACC, AHA release updated performance, quality measures for afib

only. The performance measures, classified under the domain of effective clinical care, were as follows:. ... Monthly international normalized ratio for warfarin treatment (outpatient). The quality measures were classified under the domains of effective
June 2016

Act early to avert AKI

Kellum, MD, a professor of critical care medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. ... We as researchers scratch our heads,” said Dr. Thakar. “Maybe overall intensive care has improved.
October 2013

Anxieties about health, access to outpatient care drive patients back to ED after discharge

The interviews comprised open-ended questions on clinical care, the discharge process, and prescriptions from the index visit; use of health care since the index visit; transportation availability/use; social support; ... Forty percent of patients
September 2014

Clinical decision rules for PE equally accurate

Four clinical decision rules for diagnosing pulmonary embolism (PE) perform similarly when combined with D-dimer testing. ... This finding is significant because the simplified rules enable easier computation of scores during daily clinical care, the
June 2011

Hospitalist mentorship gets formal

Shifting to clinical care, connecting an already sick patient with Legionnaire's disease is something no hospitalist would want to do, but a recent CDC report found that this happens with ... worrisome regularity in health care facilities.
September 2017

Top Hospitalists

As physicians, we need to take charge and ownership of not only their clinical care, but also their financial care and social needs.”. ... The ability to diagnose is as important in teaching and mentoring as it is in clinical care, Dr.
November 2018

Pulmonary embolism

Future studies to develop and validate better risk assessment tools would improve both clinical care and PE-related research.”.
September 2020

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