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Recognizing, preventing and treating delirium

A large proportion of inpatients have delirium, but in most, it goes unrecognized. ... Huang said. “Either way, the study demonstrated that delirium can be prevented in some patients.”.
June 2011


One review focused on use of antipsychotics for the prevention of delirium and included 14 randomized controlled trials. ... For second-generation antipsychotics, there was limited evidence supporting lower delirium incidence in the postoperative setting.
September 2019

Dealing with delirium in older hospitalized adults

We don't usually interact with patients in a way that brings out their delirium. ... A physical examination is also important, as delirium can be a sign of a more serious, life-threatening condition, Dr.
June 2009

Guideline released on post-op delirium in older adults

order appropriate diagnostic tests and clinical consultations to identify and manage underlying contributors to delirium. ... The prescribing practitioner should avoid medications that induce delirium postoperatively in older adults to prevent delirium.
November 2014

Statins associated with less delirium in ICU patients

Results were published online May 7 by Critical Care Medicine. Seventy-seven percent of patients (n=588) developed delirium. ... Prehospital statin use had no association with delirium, regardless of sepsis or study day.
May 2014

Simple steps help prevent ICU delirium

Preventing delirium in the ICU doesn't have to involve sophisticated medical interventions. ... The ABCDEF bundle (Awakening and Breathing Coordination to free patients from sedation and mechanical ventilation, Choosing drugs to reduce risk of delirium,
November 2017

3-minute assessment for CAM-defined delirium may improve diagnosis

The reference standard assessment found that 21% of patients had delirium, and of these, 88% had hypoactive or normal psychomotor features. ... Twenty-four percent of patients were found to have delirium, according to the 3D-CAM.
October 2014

For delirium, manage environment as well as meds

Beliveau told her audience during a session titled “Delirium in the Hospitalized Patient” at Internal Medicine Meeting 2018. ... indicated for management of delirium associated with alcohol or benzodiazepine withdrawal, she noted.
July 2018

Dexmedetomidine sped extubation of ventilated patients with agitation and delirium

Dexmedetomidine allowed earlier extubation of ventilated ICU patients with agitated delirium, a new randomized trial found. ... other forms of delirium, or those who are not intubated, the authors said.
April 2016

Delirium, treating drug resistance, fall prevention

Ongoing randomized, placebo controlled trials are investigating different management strategies for ICU delirium. ... There is no evidence that propofol has any role in improving delirium resolution.
January 2009

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