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Vital signs are vital: focus on fever

In a sense, this was the beginning of environmental medicine, hinging on the observation of fevers among those who inhabited the various climates of Europe, India and China. ... Santorio's ambitions extended beyond the natural sciences and into the world
March 2014

Hospitals fight back against violence

Among participants in the Minnesota Nurses' Study, the yearly incidence of verbal and physical assaults was 39% and 13%, respectively, according to a 2004 study published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. ... In 2017, she and her group
December 2017

Clearing the air

No cleaning fumes, no whiff of disinfectant, no new-carpet smell. “It smells like…nothing,” said Kai Abelkis, the Colorado hospital's environmental coordinator. ... See for more information. 3. Choose cleaning and
January 2007

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