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Too much of a good thing

We are seeing more patients with hypercalcemia associated with taking calcium carbonate and other supplements. ... Patients may come in very ill, with their confusion related to the hypercalcemia,” he said.
May 2012

MKSAP quiz on hypercalcemia

A. Acute kidney injury. B. Fracture-related hypercalcemia. C. Humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy. ... Therefore, furosemide should no longer be recommended as part of the management of hypercalcemia.
May 2012

Using medical applications on wards, in clinics

One involved a 72-year-old male patient with a medical history of hypertension who was admitted to the hospital from clinic for hypercalcemia (11.2 mg/dL) found on routine ... I would go to,” Dr. Badlani said. “I type in the patient's
April 2013

The May issue of ACP Hospitalist is online

The latest issue of ACP Hospitalist is online and includes stories about ethics in hospital medicine, inpatient hypercalcemia, compassion fatigue and more. ... The latest issue of ACP Hospitalistis online and includes stories about ethics in hospital
May 2012

Individual case: Polyendocrinopathy with lithium use

A 49-year-old woman with bipolar disorder was admitted after she was noted to have significant hypercalcemia on routine labs. ... Lithium is thought to increase the threshold at which the parathyroid gland senses elevated serum calcium, such that
March 2020

Letter from the Editor

Some of this issue's topics include ethics in the hospital, diagnosis and treatment of hypercalcemia, and compassion fatigue. ... In our clinical coverage this month, we examine the most likely manifestations of inpatient hypercalcemia —and how to
May 2012

November ACP Hospitalist now online and in the mail

The Brief Case section features a collection of individual cases—hypercalcemia of malignancy, euglycemic diabetic ketoacidosis, VTE in Klinefelter syndrome, and more.
November 2017

Test yourself: Alcohol abuse

Hypercalcemia is most commonly caused by alterations in calcium absorption from the gut and bone resorption due to primary hyperparathyroidism, malignancy, and granulomatous diseases. ... The development of hypercalcemia in this patient is unlikely.
December 2010

Using medical apps, tech on the wards

I would go to,” Dr. Badlani said. “I type in the patient's values, and it tells me this is definitely a real hypercalcemia.”. ... Continuing with his patient with hypercalcemia, Dr. Badlani said he would use ACP's Physician's Information
June 2013

MKSAP quiz on oncology

In this case, glucocorticoid therapy has the added benefit of directly treating the hypercalcemia and plasma cell myeloma. ... Hypercalcemia is most common among patients with multiple myeloma and breast, renal, and lung cancer.
August 2018

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