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The prescription for pain management

Correll and I'm from the pain management service. How are you doing today?’. ... American Society for Pain Management Nursing guidelines on monitoring for opioid-induced sedation and respiratory depression.
April 2013

Non-opioid pain management regimen may reduce costs, length of stay, overall opioid use

Gastrointestinal surgical patients treated with a non-opioid pain management regimen had less overall opioid use and shorter length of stay and incurred fewer hospital costs than those treated with an ... Still, they noted several apparent advantages of
July 2014

Drug safety

may represent an unintended consequence of recent reductions in opioid prescribing for pain management, study authors said. ... make decisions regarding the role of these medications in their pain management based upon an evidence-informed risk-benefit
December 2019

Treating acute pain in opioid-experienced patients

and taking a shower should be the goals of pain management in these patients, she said. ... There are many pain-management tools in the nonopioid toolbox, but some are more effective than others.
June 2018

November ACP Hospitalist now online and in the mail

The latest issue features the tenth annual Top Hospitalists, as well as news on delirium, venous ulcers, hospice referrals, and pain management. ... This month's Q&A looks at hospice referrals by hospitalists and the Success Story explains how one
November 2017

Recent Research

Overall, function declined substantially after fracture in all ADL domains. The researchers did identify some predictors of death and total dependence, including nonoperative fracture management (relative risk [RR] for combined outcome ... Surgical
December 2014

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue includes stories on pain management, sickle cell anemia, and EHRs. ... Pain management perpetually captures hospitalists' interest because it is so complicated and affects so many patients.
April 2013

Non-opioid combo offers similar pain control to 3 opioid combos in ED after 2 hours

The researchers wrote that ibuprofen-acetaminophen may be a reasonable alternative to opioid management of acute extremity pain due to sprain, strain, or fracture but said that further research to assess ... Stemming the opioid addiction crisis will also
November 2017

Dealing with drug-seeking behavior

Palliative care and pain management specialists may also be helpful in developing a treatment plan. ... Ask for help. There are more specialists out there than people realize in terms of pain management,” said Dr.
February 2014

CDC proposes 12 draft recommendations for prescribing opioids

pain not related to cancer treatment, palliative care, and end-of-life care. ... Opioid prescriptions were concentrated in the specialties of interventional pain management (1,124.9 prescriptions per prescriber), pain management (921.1 prescriptions per
December 2015

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