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Info + forms = good informed consent

In 1990, Dr. Gottesman was sued for late diagnosis of a patient's prostate cancer. ... If the patient has any particular impediments to understanding, it's even more crucial to have a second listener, he added.
January 2012

Cancer diagnoses often given quickly, impersonally

and 13% in other locations, including one patient who discovered the diagnosis by reading a radiology report. ... diagnosis in an impersonal manner suggests too many physicians are either unaware of or not practicing good communication skills,” they
July 2010

Harnessing the power of the Web

Our system provides referring physicians access to…a mini version of a patient's hospital chart.”. ... They'll be better informed and that will help communication overall.”. To facilitate development of on-site Web-based education, physicians,
January 2007

Resources available from ACP Foundation on atrial fibrillation and stroke prevention

The primary interventions are as follows. “Afib—What You and Your Family Need to Know” is a patient-centered booklet developed to enhance clinician-patient communication with a particular focus on ... Three patient videos geared to empower patients
April 2012

Twelve ways to improve hospitalist communication

They include. Start with clear, detailed communication as soon as you hire a hospitalist. ... Make sure patient communication is handled well. Ms. Knapp suggested running role plays with new or communication-challenged hospitalists to teach patient
January 2010

Mixing alcohol with opioids, benzodiazepines sending users to emergency departments

But the lack of discussion about alcohol consumption overall—only 16% of adults in the United States have discussed alcohol consumption with a health professional—confounds patient communication. ... The authors wrote, “Interventions such as
October 2014

Hospitalists can help IOM fix dying process

17. The report offers recommendations for change in care delivery, clinician-patient communication and advance care planning, professional education and development, payment systems and policies, and public engagement and education. ... Their needs for
December 2014

QI efforts to enhance communication with very ill can affect outcomes, analysis finds

physician-patient communication (2 studies, no improvement). Among those studies that addressed health care utilization, such as ICU length of stay and potentially nonbeneficial life-sustaining aggressive treatment, 73% found statistically
November 2012

Not all doctors fully disclose errors, pharma ties, bad prognoses, survey finds

The survey results suggest that many physicians do not completely support the charter requirements related to communication with patients. ... complexities of patient physician communication in everyday practice,” they wrote.
February 2012

Letters to the Editor

For example, implicit bias was found to be one of many factors leading to poor clinician-patient communication, a key cause of perceived discrimination. ... Currently, C-STAHR's patient empowerment and communication tool is being implemented at 3
April 2016

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