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Coronary CT angiography shows similar outcomes, better patient experience compared to MPI

29 mSv; P < 0.001) and were more likely to grade the experience favorably (P=0.001) and be willing to undergo the examination again (P=0.003). ... was associated with less radiation exposure and a more positive patient experience, the study authors
June 2015

Improving the patient experience by focusing on spiritual care

The Beryl Institute, a global organization dedicated to improving patient experience, released a white paper on “The Critical Role of Spirituality in Patient Experience” in December 2015. ... The Beryl Institute's white paper, “The Critical Role of
June 2016

Patients with high trauma from hospitalization had more 30-day readmissions, ED visits

Patients who experience high trauma of hospitalization, as measured by disturbances in sleep, mobility, nutrition, and mood, may have a greater risk of readmission or ED visit within 30 days of
December 2018

Which chest pain patients can go home?

It also resulted in significantly less radiation and a better patient experience than nuclear stress testing.” He noted that because CT angiography requires contrast dye, it may not be the right ... You should have an honest discussion about what is in
October 2015

Top Docs

Jacobs-Shaw said, adding that this patient population is vastly underrepresented in medical research. ... Otherwise, she devotes much of her time to improving efficiency and the patient experience at a hospital that is constantly above 95% capacity.
November 2016

Sedative premedication before surgery may not improve patient experience, outcomes

The study's primary outcome was perioperative patient experience 24 hours after surgery, as assessed via a validated questionnaire, while secondary outcomes included time to extubation and early cognitive recovery. ... They concluded that premedication
March 2015

One hospital finds better communication with patients thanks to EHRs

UCLA now, for more than a decade, has been a leader in patient experience nationally…. ... Q: Did your residents get any specific training on maintaining patient experience while using EHRs?
May 2015

Inpatient medicine services see wide variety of conditions in similar pattern across hospitals

Initiatives that cut across individual diseases to address processes of care, patient experience, and functional outcomes may be more relevant to a greater proportion of the GIM population than disease-specific
August 2018

Improving patient satisfaction scores

More on that later.) Still, individual hospitalists can take concrete steps to improve the patient experience. ... However, not just what hospitalists say but how they communicate can improve the patient experience.
May 2013

Digital tools help patients find their way

We were looking for a way to improve the patient experience navigating across a larger campus,” he said. ... resources. Many hospitals are continuing to improve and customize their wayfinding apps to improve the patient experience, said Mr.
May 2017

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