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Medical students must focus on patient-centered care

J Gen Intern Med. 2006;21(8):884-7. Fernandez L, Schillinger D. Literacy and patient care. ... Patient Centered Interviewing. Uptodate. 2009. Smith RC. Patient-Centered Interviewing: An Evidence-Based Method.
May 2010

Resource use, outcomes of hospitalization may be associated with care continuity

However, they concluded that contact with a patient over time may have a positive effect on both patterns of care and outcomes. ... Recognizing the unique needs of each patient, including the patient's preferences, need for information, social support,
November 2017

Patient-centered care: Not just a catchphrase

and founded in 1992, initially focused on children and their families in discussing the concepts of patient-centered care. ... These types of discussions encapsulate patient-centered care, because they incorporate the patient into the decision-making
August 2012

Physicians step up as initiatives change nursing home care

Magnuson said. Physicians who work in or with nursing homes can play a vital role in promoting the changes sought by these programs, either through a focus on patient-centered care ... Levy said. “Physicians might be more comfortable thinking of it in
March 2015

Patient-centered care from admission to discharge

Below are the steps we recommend to help establish a patient-centered follow-up visit. ... We suggest review of relevant literature regarding patient-centered interviewing and rational clinical examination.
May 2012

Finding a job that fits

Doctors gave their facilities an average score of 7.6 on a scale of 1 to 10 in regard to patient-centered care, while administrators provided a higher average score of ... Similarly, any claim of a commitment to patient-centered care is just jargon
January 2014

Making time for family

The study also found that ICU team dialogue was more focused on issues related to patient care when family were present and there was less tangential conversation, cynicism, judgmental language, and ... The simultaneous improvement in families'
October 2018

Are bedside rounds evidence based?

Bedside rounds have a reputation for promoting patient-centered care in the hospital, but a recent systematic review found scant supporting evidence for the practice. ... I sort of bought into the rhetoric about education at the bedside with learners and
April 2019

Letter from the Editor

If so, you are in sync with a growing trend toward more patient-centered care that takes its cue from the service industry. ... Duffy and other experts about the trend and how embracing patient-centered care may distinguish a hospital in a competitive
February 2008

Letter from the Editor

This month, we look at another trend rooted in patient-centered care: cultural competency. ... is an independent risk factor or a result of a patient's excess weight.
March 2008

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