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Recent Research

Image by Getty Images. The study was funded by the Rheumatology Research Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. ... There is a critical need for research to elucidate the risks and benefits of withholding biologics to
December 2019

Recent Research

Hospitals have increased medication safety in the past decade, but further improvement is still necessary, a recent study found. ... The analysis was funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and published in the Jan.
May 2014

Recent Research

Reducing MRSA in the ICU, rivaroxaban in heart failure, warfarin bridging during cardiac device surgery, and more.
August 2013

Letter from the Editor

There are great parts of being an academic hospitalist, from shaping the future of the physician workforce to leading the way in research and practice innovation. ... Staff writer Mollie Durkin dove into recent research on gender bias in medicine and
June 2016

Recent Research

necessary to reduce acquisition of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a recent study suggests. ... These findings are consistent with recent studies, they added, but may not apply to settings with lower hand hygiene compliance.
February 2014

In the News

The FDA has added a boxed warning to hydroxyethyl starch solutions about a higher risk of death and severe renal injury in critically ill patients, the agency said in a recent ... Sleep deprivation is also an important factor in post-hospitalization
October 2013

Sepsis still infected with uncertainty

CVO. 2. Other recent research has confirmed that patients with low levels have worse outcomes, he noted, citing a study published in November 2014 by Critical Care finding an association between ... Looking even farther into the future of sepsis care
January 2017

Is it time to end routine catheter replacement?

Recent research may change practice nationwide. ... Some hospitals may soon change their policies for replacing peripheral venous catheters (PVCs), thanks to recent research finding that replacement when clinically indicated is just as safe as routine
January 2013

The imperfection of ICU admission decisions

Recent research on the effects of ICU care has shown mixed results. ... and we have double Canada.”. The American supply of ICU beds may have dropped in recent years, however, according to a research letter by Dr.
February 2019

After stroke can come seizures

The risk of seizure after ischemic stroke is at least 5%, according to recent research, while hemorrhagic strokes entail even greater risk of one or more subsequent seizures. ... To determine whether a patient has had a seizure, a neurologist would
May 2017

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