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Recent Research

Hospitals have increased medication safety in the past decade, but further improvement is still necessary, a recent study found. ... The analysis was funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and published in the Jan.
May 2014

Recent Research

necessary to reduce acquisition of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a recent study suggests. ... These findings are consistent with recent studies, they added, but may not apply to settings with lower hand hygiene compliance.
February 2014

Recent Research

Reducing MRSA in the ICU, rivaroxaban in heart failure, warfarin bridging during cardiac device surgery, and more.
August 2013

Letter from the Editor

Identifying the highest-quality, most cost-effective nursing home in the area probably isn't tops on your to-do list, but experts and recent research suggest that setting up systems
April 2016

Change in the air for oxygen delivery

A more comfortable, less expensive approach to high-flow oxygen delivery is likely to gain ground in adult ICUs over the next few years, buoyed by recent research showing somewhat better ... Dr. Nugent speculated. His review article called for more
October 2015

Recent Research

is more likely to be treated inappropriately, according to a recent study. ... D. -dimer cutoff, a recent analysis found. The systematic review and meta-analysis used individual data on 7,268 patients, gathered from 6 prospective studies in which
July 2016

In the News

Readmission rates weren't meaningfully lower for hospitals with better adherence to recommended care processes, the authors of a recent study concluded. ... Opioids are a major contributor to drug overdose deaths, either when taken alone or in
May 2013

Uncertainty clouds protocols

16, respectively, as well as on other recent research. Studies have identified a number of issues and uncertainties in sepsis treatment, from whether to use a protocol to how to optimize ... Thus, one explanation for the protocol's failure in research is
March 2015

Complicated UTI, stress ulcer prophylaxis, and more

The authors also called for research to determine whether Aβ40 could be a therapeutic target to prevent ACS or improve outcomes after it has occurred. ... hemorrhage with combination antiplatelet therapy than with aspirin alone, according to a recent
November 2018

Studies on bedside lung ultrasound, preoperative frailty screening, and more

Summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly. Lung ultrasound performed at the bedside may be useful for diagnosing pneumonia, according to a recent study. ... a recent observational study.
May 2017

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