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Frozen hospitals powered through

When Uri hit Texas, hospitalists had to overcome novel challenges.

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Virtual rounding beyond the pandemic

Hospitals have moved to hybrids of remote and in-person rounds.

The inpatient vs. observation dilemma

A bundle of interventions decreased use of observation status.


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Learning to accept uncertainty in medicine

Physicians with low tolerance of uncertainty were more likely to burn out, a study found.

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Consulting POCUS to increase efficiency

This tool holds potential to speed care for patients requiring subspecialists' attention.

Opioids and extreme weather, but also good news

This issue describes how hospitalists teamed up to treat opioid use disorder and the Texas freeze, as well advancements in virtual rounds and point-of-care ultrasound.

Critical illness myopathy/polyneuropathy

The manifestations of CIM and CIP overlap, and it can be difficult to distinguish between the two conditions.

New therapies for burns, stroke rehab

Recalls, notifications, and approvals.

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