February 2007

Bed huddles can improve communication among hospital staff

Making room for more patients

Peter Viccellio, MD, still remembers the day, month and year when he had an epiphany that changed his hospital.

Put more than money on the table when recruiting hospitalists

Despite statistics showing that hospitalists are the nation's fastest-growing medical specialty-the Society of Hospital Medicine estimates that the current pool of 15,000 U.S.-based hospitalists will double by 2010-recruiting and retention remain major challenges.

Improving door-to-balloon time for acute MI

The decisions made by hospital staff in the first few minutes following an acute myocardial infarction (MI) often determine whether a patient lives or dies.

Test yourself: Acute coronary syndromes

A 53-year-old obese man is admitted to the hospital with the acute coronary syndrome... and other cases.