October 2007

One less attractive aspect of nonteaching jobs is the possibility of doing more low-level work Photo by Ryan McVay Getty Images

Balancing act: How ACGME work-hour limits are changing hospital medicine

When the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education decided in 2003 to limit residents' work to 80 hours per week, opponents said that the change would be a disaster for hospital medicine. But while the ruling has presented staffing challenges, patients have not suffered and hospitalists are in higher demand than ever on the job market.

Internal medicine unites to improve transitions of care

Experts from all areas of health care met in Philadelphia in July to discuss ways to improve transitions of care.

Parity laws seek balance for mental health coverage

Legislators look for equality with insurance for physical ailments.

Dialogue: Communication at discharge

Lee W. Roof, ACP Member, a primary care internist, and Dawn Brezina, ACP Member, a hospitalist, offer their perspectives on how hospitalists and PCPs can improve communication during handoffs at discharge.

Smart surfing: Finding the best medical Web sites

One expert offers tips on sorting the good from the bad.

Better communication at the end of life

Form ensures dying patients' wishes are carried out as medical orders.

Shorter hours, fewer nights: Life as a British resident

Elisabeth Paice, FRCP, describes efforts to improve training in the U.KElisabeth Paice, FRCP, describes efforts to improve training in the U.K.

Applying best evidence to perioperative assessment

Knowing what to look for is one key to determining risk.

Q&A: Nurturing the human side of medical care

Nearly 20 years ago, Arnold P. Gold, MD, a pediatric neurologist, and his wife, Sandra O. Gold, EdD, a psychologist, created the Arnold P.

Hospital-acquired pneumonia in the elderly

An excerpt taken from Pulmonary Disorders of the Elderly, a new publication from ACP.

Test yourself: Preoperative evaluation

A 60-year-old man undergoes preoperative evaluation before total hip replacement surgery... and other cases.

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Recent studies about spirometry for COPD, as-needed relaparotomy, and other topics.