May 2016

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Fixing, not fighting, electronic systems

Even health IT experts get angry at their electronic medical records, but the solution is to work with your computers rather than toss them.

Tips for social media users

Physicians who want to use social networking sites have a few things to consider.

Top 5 categories of apps for hospitalists

The best apps are useful on the wards and help improve the patient experience.

Career advice on mentors, interviews, and contracts

Tips for new hospitalists and those on the move.

When less is more: De-prescribing medications

The what, why, and how of taking patients off their drugs.

Debriefs help make sense of adverse events

Two teaching hospitals enabled clinicians and staff to discuss serious adverse clinical events soon after they happen.

A new cause to consider in falls: Infection

Coexisting systemic infections may need to be routinely considered in patients who present with a fall.

Medicare reports on the 2016 Physician Fee Schedule Value Modifier

For physicians who haven't begun working on the Value Modifier, 2016 is the year for immediate action.

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Little's Law and you

To understand what's really happening in your hospital, you need to consider Little's Law.

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue features coverage from Hospital Medicine 2016, held in March in San Diego.

Cases from the University of Texas at Austin

Pericardial tamponade due to multiple myeloma, postpartum spontaneous coronary artery dissection, neurogenic T-wave inversions, and more.

New hemophilia drug, powdered glove ban

Details on the latest recalls, warnings, and approvals.

Recent Research

Influenza vaccination in hospitalized surgical patients, echocardiography use, outcomes in older patients after ED discharge, and more.

In the News

Regionalized care teams and patient safety, guidelines for enteral nutrition in the critically ill.