January 2018

Illustration by Sarah Ferone

Let the computer figure it out

Researchers look at how machine learning could change hospital care.

Hospitalists weigh ethical, practical impacts of aid-in-dying laws

Early experience with California's End of Life Option Act highlights some of the challenges and concerns with allowing physicians to help seriously ill patients end their lives.

The case for a chief primary care medical officer

Two physicians propose a new administrative/clinical role to reduce discontinuity between inpatient and outpatient care.

Schedule tweaks boost admission capacity

A hospital with long ED wait times had its hospitalists study staffing models to find a solution.

Blood transfusions and complications

This edition analyzes the clinical and administrative aspects of a fictional hospital patient who had complications from a blood transfusion.

Questions and answers in periop medicine

Michael J. Maniaci, MD, ACP Member, reviewed data on cardiac and pulmonary perioperative exams and insulin and aspirin management at the Mayo Clinic Hospital Medicine 2017 conference.

Taking the mystery out of falls

Donna M. Miller, MD, ACP Member, offered advice on diagnosing and preventing falls at the Mayo Clinic Hospital Medicine 2017 conference.

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Monkey medicine

You may feel like you've entered a zoo and your ward has become the primate house, so here are the terms you will need to be a successful hominid hospitalist.

Machine learning in the hospital

This issue also features coverage of aid-in-dying laws and Mayo Clinic's fall 2017 hospital medicine conference in Tucson, Ariz.

Alcohol use disorders

Learn the ICD-10-CM terminology and instructions and DSM-5 definitions needed to document alcohol use disorder.

Newly approved drug has a digital adherence tracker

Details on the latest warnings, recalls, and approvals.

Cases from the University of Connecticut

Acetaminophen overdose, refractory afib, critical aortic stenosis, and more.