March 2018

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PCPs in the hospital

Innovators are taking steps to help banish care discontinuity once and for all, with some especially focusing on the role of primary care physicians (PCPs) in the hospital.

Preventing physician suicide

New efforts seek to reduce stigma among clinicians about mental illness and treatment.

Digging up and dealing with inpatient depression

Accurately diagnosing depression in a medically ill person can be tricky, but hospitalists can take steps to improve inpatient and postdischarge mental health care.

Creating a universal suicide screening program

One hospital built an algorithm for suicide screening into its electronic health record.

A prescription for medication errors

A simplified approach to medication adherence could lead to better outcomes, according to two physicians who propose steps for clinicians and the health care system to prevent adverse medication events.

Opioid use disorders

ICD-10-CM contains a large, complex set of combination codes to describe opioid use and its many manifestations, consequences, and related conditions.

Strange but true, a DNR tattoo

A critical care physician describes an unusual unconscious patient his team recently treated.

Warning on pneumothorax with enteral access system

Details on the latest recalls, alerts, and approvals.

Coming full circle

This issue features the idea of bringing primary care physicians back to the hospital and advice on protecting the mental health of clinicians and inpatients.

Pulmonary testing

A reader responds to a recent article about perioperative testing.

Rounding with the Bard

Shakespeare's words apply to hospital medicine, a fictional physician finds.

Cases from the Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center

Infective endocarditis, milk-alkali syndrome, and multiple myeloma.