July 2018

Meeting attendees pose with a larger-than-life version of ACPs logo at the Ernest N Morial Convention Center in New Orleans Photo by Kevin Berne

The new, improved M&M

Morbidity and mortality conferences are starting to be seen more as a potential opportunity to address patient safety issues and reduce preventable errors than as education- and blame-oriented.

Med rec can help curb ‘epidemic’ of adverse drug events

The problem affects 5% to 40% of hospitalized patients and 12% to 17% in the 30 days after discharge, an expert said.

Improving at quality improvement

When choosing a QI project, it's important to think before you act.

For delirium, manage environment as well as meds

Providing adequate lighting and reducing clutter are two examples.


Whereas many major neurocognitive disorders may occur in younger people, the term dementia is customarily applied only to older adults.

Hospital infections linked to foam cleanser

Details on the latest recalls, warnings, and approvals.

Physicians identify many of their own admissions as preventable

Differences in risk assessment and training between ED and medicine were reported to be factors.

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It seemed like the end of the world was coming and everything was out of control. Was it a collective Chicken Little moment? Or was the sky really falling?

Readmission prevention starting at admission

Patients were screened up front to determine their likely readmission risk.

Cases from the University of Wisconsin

Blastomycosis-induced ARDS, medication-associated microscopic colitis, and more.

Highlights from Internal Medicine Meeting 2018

Our coverage of ACP's annual meeting includes stories on a modernized morbidity and mortality conference, quality improvement, medication reconciliation, and more.

ICU training should come standard

A reader responds to a story on ICU care.