September 2019

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To home or SNF?

Few tools and competing incentives make discharge decisions challenging.

New Mexico cares for migrants

State officials, volunteers, and academics are collaborating at the U.S. border.

Working together to stop superbugs

Regional efforts track patients with drug-resistant organisms.

Don't overlook obesity hypoventilation syndrome

The American Thoracic Society recently offered data and a guideline on obesity hypoventilation syndrome.

Time's up for respiratory rate mistakes

A team effort increased the accuracy of respiratory rate measurements and saved time.

From internist to whistleblower

An FACP alerted the Senate to conditions at migrant detention centers.

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The despair of administrative backlog has changed but not disappeared.

Those lost

A hospitalist calls for collaboration to prevent physician suicides.

Facing tough decisions

This month, we look at SNF vs. home care after hospitalization, care for migrants, and physician suicide prevention, among other issues.

Diabetic complications—Part 1

Learn to properly document common acute complications of diabetes.

Nasal powder for severe hypoglycemia, generic pregabalin approved

Details on the latest alerts, recalls, and approvals.

Interns' days, patients' hands

Summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly.

A collection of individual cases

Catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome, diabetic muscle infarction, and more.

Bonus online case: Calcium-channel blocker overdose

A patient presented after a suicide attempt involving calcium-channel blockers.

PE in pregnancy, normal troponins

Summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly.