June 2021

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Internal Medicine Meeting 2021: Virtual Experience

Stroke, sickle cell, and syncope and other clinical topics were covered at the conference.

Take cardiac symptoms in women seriously

An expert reviewed conditions with different presentations or higher incidence in women.

Three common, commonly missed poisons

Identify carbon monoxide, metformin, and salicylates when they strike.

Physicians face personal attacks, threats on social media

Online harassment of clinicians is a common problem, a study found.

Be reasonable about cardiac testing

Stress tests are often ordered when CT angiography might be a better choice.

There is always hope

Give not false hope but rather a hope that is truthful.

The pedi essay, or how I learned to PDSA

Plan, Do, Study, Act. Kind of catchy.

A new Internal Medicine Meeting

Catch up on sessions about poisonings, stroke, syncope, women's cardiac conditions, and more.

Connecting hospitalists and postacute care teams

A version of Project ECHO targeted postdischarge care.

Toxic-metabolic encephalopathy

The causes of encephalopathy are important to determine and document.

A collection of individual cases

Acne conglobate, rhabdomyolysis, and more.

Selecting a sickle cell therapy

There are four approved drugs with differing effects and costs.

Advice on surviving a subpoena

Know what to do with this legal document.

Top 10 tips to beat loneliness at work

Isolation is a growing issue as our world, our societies, and our workplaces change.

Diuretic guidance, endocarditis risks, and more

Research summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly.

Preop meds, resuscitation champions, and more

Research summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly.