November 2021

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The endless war on readmissions

Hospitalists who study readmissions discuss the current state of the evidence and offer their best advice on avoiding patients coming back to the hospital.

Surging methamphetamine-related hospitalizations

Methamphetamine's effects on the heart are hitting hospitals, and physicians' help is needed to tackle the rise of this addictive drug.

Combating clots in COVID-19

Critical care experts advised on appropriate prophylaxis for ward and ICU patients as part of the CHEST 2021 conference.

Intravenous fluid management

A hypothetical case highlights the many reasons to provide IV fluid.

Relief from a pager

Nonphysicians took over responsibility for an admissions pager.

Nontraumatic myocardial injury

Myocardial injury is a relatively new term, necessary to know for documentation.

Home is where the hospital is

Learn how the hospital and the home are the same but different.

Part-time hospitalists tied to patient mortality?

Two experts offer their thoughts on the implications of a recent study.

Catheters, antibiotics recalled

Recalls, warnings, and approvals.

Preventing readmissions, VTEs, and more

The new year will bring a new ACP Hospitalist.

Median arcuate ligament syndrome

The patient had a history of waxing and waning upper abdominal pain.

Tuberculosis presenting with gastrointestinal symptoms

The patient's chief symptom was watery diarrhea for the past 10 days.