June 21, 2023

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Thinking about how you treat

The new field of management reasoning holds potential to improve medical education and practice, researchers say.

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Hospital medicine, Brazilian style

Hospitalists describe how the growth of their field has made an impact on one country's health care system.

Continuous vs. intermittent meropenem administration did not improve outcomes in sepsis

A composite outcome of mortality and new antimicrobial resistance did not differ by whether critically ill patients received an equal dose of the beta-lactam antibiotic continuously or intermittently, an international randomized trial found.

Video laryngoscope increased success rate of intubation, ED and ICU study finds

A trial was stopped early for efficacy after an interim analysis found that 85.1% of video-laryngoscope intubations were successful on the first attempt compared to 70.8% of those performed with a direct laryngoscope.

Heart failure hospitalization increased prescribing of guideline-directed therapy

At admission, only 14.9% of patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction were on all indicated medications, and that rate increased to 32.8% at discharge, according to a new analysis of the Get With The Guidelines–Heart Failure Registry.

Checklist improved care consistency after in-hospital cardiac arrest

A pilot study found that performance of four critical tasks after return of spontaneous circulation, including performing an EKG within one hour, improved from 19.4% before implementation of a checklist to 51.1% afterward.