January 3, 2024

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How to write a good discharge summary

Primary care physicians highlighted what they really need to know about their patients' recent hospitalizations in a recent study.

New sickle cell therapies approved

The FDA also warned about eye infections with over-the-counter drops and skin reactions to antiseizure medications, among other actions.

Private equity takeovers linked with more in-hospital adverse events in Medicare patients

Rates of falls and central-line bloodstream infections increased in hospitals after they were acquired by private equity firms, despite these hospitals having a younger, higher-income patient cohort.

Chair by the bedside improves patient satisfaction with hospitalists, trial finds

When a medical student moved a chair from the closet to the bedside, hospitalists were dramatically more likely to sit down while talking to a patient, with resulting benefits on satisfaction and communication, a small study found.

Milestone ratings system reduced bias against some underrepresented residents

Switching from the Resident Annual Evaluation Summary to the Milestone ratings system reduced bias for some groups that are underrepresented in medicine. However, substantial bias continued for U.S.-born Black residents.

IV iron reduces risk of death, hospitalization in heart failure, meta-analysis finds

The combined results of 14 trials testing IV iron in patients with iron deficiency and heart failures showed significant benefit from iron overall, with potentially greater effect in those with lower baseline transferrin saturation.