February 14, 2024

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Get with the latest ARDS guideline

Recent changes to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) guidance, including some controversy over neuromuscular blockers, are explained by an expert.

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Intermediate care unit helped surgical, COVID-19 patients

An intermediate care unit with a maximum census of six created over 1,000 available ICU bed-days over 12 months.

Embedded risk assessment tool increased appropriateness of VTE prophylaxis

Physicians used the optional tool embedded in their order set on only 24% of general medical patients, but the rate of appropriate venous thromboembolism (VTE) prophylaxis nonetheless increased from 43.1% to 48.8%.

Study explores survival rates and duration of CPR for in-hospital cardiac arrest

Of all the patients who received CPR for in-hospital cardiac arrest, 67% had a return of spontaneous circulation, which occurred at a median of seven minutes following the start of chest compressions, a retrospective study found.

Presence of behavioral health condition didn't affect smoking quit rates during hospitalization

Similar rates of tobacco use were seen between inpatients with behavioral health conditions and controls postdischarge. However, after six months, patients with a behavioral health condition were less likely to report abstinence.

Timing of stroke treatment, preventive therapies presented at stroke meeting

Mostly disappointing results on transfers for thrombectomy, delayed use of thrombolysis plus thrombectomy or tenecteplase, and anticoagulation for secondary prevention after cryptogenic stroke were reported at the International Stroke Conference.