April 24, 2024

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Sepsis and other inpatient emergencies

An intensivist offered hot tips for hospitalists during a precourse at Internal Medicine Meeting 2024.

Malaria, dengue, and traditionally tropical threats

Clinicians far outside the tropics should now keep an eye out for diseases that used to be limited to tropical areas, an expert advises.

Newer antibiotics for gram-negative infections not widely used in years after approval

An analysis of hospitalized patients with gram-negative infections with difficult-to-treat resistance found that more than 40% were treated with only older antibiotics, despite the approval of seven new antibiotics between 2014 and 2019.

Later appendectomies only slightly more common with oral antibiotics for appendicitis

Patients with uncomplicated acute appendicitis who were randomized to oral antibiotic monotherapy instead of combined IV and oral antibiotics had an increase of less than 2 percentage points in risk of surgery or recurrence at three years, according to a Finnish study.

Systematic review looks at effects of transitional care clinics

Implementation of transitional care clinics for recently hospitalized patients without a primary care clinician appeared to be associated with reductions in ED visits and readmissions, but no change in mortality, compared to usual care, according to a review.

New scientific statement covers diagnosis, treatment of cardiac sarcoidosis

The American Heart Association addressed the increasing prevalence of cardiac sarcoidosis and recommended corticosteroids as first-line treatment in a new statement.

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