June 26, 2024

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Handling high-sensitivity troponin

The advent of high-sensitivity troponin testing in U.S. hospitals may be another example of how less can be more.

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Parasites of the future

Thanks to environmental change and scientific experimentation, we could be in for some intriguing developments in parasites.

Acting interns satisfied by experiences on teaching services without residents

An academic institution compared fourth-year medical students' impressions after working on teams with just an attending and one other student versus those of students on traditional teaching teams. Satisfaction ratings were similar.

Hypoxemia risk lower with noninvasive ventilation before intubation

Hypoxemia occurred in 9.1% of critically ill patients randomized to noninvasive ventilation before tracheal intubation, compared to 18.5% of those who got an oxygen mask instead, a trial in 24 U.S. EDs and ICUs found.

Stroke outcomes better when physicians travel to patients for mechanical thrombectomy

Transferring physicians instead of patients was associated with shorter time from onset of acute ischemic stroke symptoms to recanalization and better chance of functional independence at 90 days, a systematic review and meta-analysis found.

Sepsis order sets linked with improved outcomes, lower hospital costs

Order sets for sepsis care were associated with a 3.3% lower hospital mortality rate among sepsis patients and a $1,487 lower median direct variable total cost, according to one hospital's matched analysis of patients treated with or without an order set.

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