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Hospital medicine in South America

A hospitalist-in-training reports from PASHA, the first congress of the Pan-American Society of Hospitalists, held in November in Brazil.
15 Feb 2011

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Hospitalists' cost-effectiveness, vasopressin antagonists and hyponatremia, and more.
15 Feb 2011

Wireless pulmonary monitoring associated with less hospitalization

A wireless implantable hemodynamic monitoring system was associated with a significant reduction in hospitalizations for heart failure patients, researchers found.
16 Feb 2011

Acid suppression benefits don't outweigh harms

Acid-suppressive medication does reduce patients' risk of nosocomial gastrointestinal tract bleeding, but the incidence is so low in non-critically ill hospitalized patients that prophylactic treatment should not be used routinely in patients outside of the intensive care unit, a new study concluded.
2 Mar 2011

Acute heart failure outcomes don't differ by furosemide dose level, interval of administration

Outcomes for patients with acute decompensated heart failure don't differ when furosemide is delivered via continuous infusion versus bolus, or at a high dose versus a low dose, a new study found.
9 Mar 2011

Warnings on morphine overdoses, injections containing particulates

Details on a warning and label changes related to accidental overdoses of morphine sulfate, and more.
15 Mar 2011

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Survival benefit in infection after combination antibiotics, ceftaroline monotherapy for complicated skin and skin structure infections, and more.
15 Mar 2011

Tiotropium reduces risk of moderate, severe COPD exacerbations

The anticholinergic drug tiotropium is superior to the β2-agonist salmeterol as first-line maintenance therapy to prevent exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in patients with moderate to very severe stages, a study found.
30 Mar 2011

The July effect: Real or urban myth?

At teaching hospitals, the learning process restarts each summer. Does hospital quality dip at this crucial point?.
15 Apr 2011

Sterile pads and central line trays recalled, mobile radiology app approved

Details on a recall of sterile and non-sterile alcohol prep pads, alcohol swabs, and alcohol swabsticks, and more.
15 Apr 2011

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