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New studies assess effects of anticoagulation during, after COVID-19

Use of intermediate, full-dose, or prophylactic anticoagulation in COVID-19 inpatients wasn't associated with any difference in in-hospital mortality in one study, while another found it was safe to discontinue anticoagulation after three months in patients with a COVID-19-associated clot.
16 Nov 2022

Early anticoagulation appears safe after acute ischemic stroke in patients with afib

The AREST trial, which ended early due to changes in national guidelines, found statistically similar but numerically lower rates of the primary study outcome (fatal stroke, recurrent ischemic stroke, or transient ischemic attack) in those who received anticoagulation early with apixaban versus later with warfarin.
3 Mar 2021

Decision pathway addresses bleeding in patients on oral anticoagulants

The guidance from the American College of Cardiology covers management of major and minor bleeding in patients treated with direct-acting oral anticoagulants or vitamin K antagonists for any indication.
22 Jul 2020

Inpatient diagnosis of atrial fibrillation associated with lower use of anticoagulation

Ninety days after being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, 51.6% of patients diagnosed in the ED were on oral anticoagulants, compared to 50.9% of those diagnosed in the hospital and 67.9% of those diagnosed as outpatients, a Canadian study found.
3 Aug 2022

COVID-19 guideline update from NIH, postdischarge anticoagulation, remdesivir effects

The latest news on inpatient COVID-19 care includes some changes to the NIH guidelines for COVID-19 treatment, as well as studies showing that rivaroxaban after discharge reduced clots and remdesivir helped inpatients on no or low-flow oxygen but not those who were sicker.
22 Dec 2021

Mortality lower in COVID-19 inpatients who got aspirin with anticoagulation

An international registry study compared outcomes in 298 patients who received both prophylactic anticoagulation and aspirin with a propensity-matched group who received anticoagulation alone.
29 Jun 2022

tPA bolus within 48 hours of DOAC use not associated with increased risk for intracerebral hemorrhage vs. warfarin or no anticoagulation

A systematic review and meta-analysis compared the rate of symptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage in stroke patients pretreated with a direct oral anticoagulant (DOAC) versus those without prior anticoagulation and those on warfarin with an international normalized ratio below 1.7.
8 Jan 2020

October 2016

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COVID-19 research focused on anticoagulation, vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia

Two new studies support prophylactic, rather than therapeutic, anticoagulation for COVID-19 patients, and case reports provide more information about vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia.
16 Jun 2021

September 2016

ACP Hospitalist provides hospital-based physicians with news and information about the practice of hospital medicine.

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