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Patients on NOACs, warfarin, or neither responded similarly to rt-PA treatment

The results suggest that giving recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rt-PA) to selected patients who were taking a non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulant (NOAC) before a stroke was not associated with markedly elevated risks, the study authors said.
1 Feb 2017

Antibiotics and AKI, stroke rehab, and more

Summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly.
15 Jun 2018

Comanage orthopedics like a pro

An expert offers her top 10 pearls.
15 Jul 2018

Subsegmental pulmonary embolism

An example patient with sickle cell disease provides a lesson in diagnosing subsegmental pulmonary embolism.
15 Feb 2019

Standardized rounds, antibiotics and acute kidney injury, and more

Summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly.
15 Jun 2017

ACC and AHA update performance measures for STEMI and NSTEMI

The update has 17 performance measures, including four new ones, and seven quality measures, all of them new.
27 Sep 2017

Cerebrovascular disease

ICD-10-CM codes for cerebrovascular accident specify laterality and affected artery.
15 Aug 2020

Vitamin K antagonist may mildly increase bleeding, markedly increase thrombosis in patients ages 80 and older

Compared with patients ages 70 to 79 years, those ages 80 to 89 years had a similar risk of bleeding, whereas patients ages 90 years or older had a mildly increased risk of bleeding, a study found. Patients in their 80s and 90s had a markedly higher risk of thrombosis than did patients in their 70s.
13 Jul 2016

ACC, AHA release updated performance, quality measures for afib

The performance measures include 3 that are specific to inpatient care: documentation of risk scoring, an anticoagulation prescription, and a follow-up plan for warfarin management.
29 Jun 2016

Recent Research

Lower-extremity revascularization in nursing home residents, guidance on contact precautions for hospital visitors, treatment in-hospital strokes versus community-onset strokes, and more.
15 Jul 2015

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