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Latest COVID-19 research on dexamethasone, hydroxychloroquine, vaccines, tocilizumab

Peer-reviewed details on the recent trial of dexamethasone were released, and two new trials found no benefit to early treatment with hydroxychloroquine. Positive data from three vaccine trials were also published, as was another study of tocilizumab.
22 Jul 2020

Latest COVID-19 research looks at antibody utility, testing strategies, risk factors

The World Health Organization also issued updated information on SARS-CoV-2 transmission.
15 Jul 2020

Latest COVID-19 research looks at plasma, prophylaxis, palliative care, periop risks

The benefit of convalescent plasma is uncertain, and hydroxychloroquine did not appear to work for prophylaxis, according to new studies. Experts offered advice on using palliative care, avoiding surgery, changing residency applications, and understanding antibody testing.
10 Jun 2020

The COVID Yogi

“I control bipolar with an hour of yoga every day at home. I will get through this if I focus.”
15 Nov 2020

Latest COVID-19 research looks at frailty and viral load, serologic testing

Other studies examined transmission of the virus in patients with nonsevere disease and population mobility during the pandemic.
8 Jul 2020

Latest COVID-19 research finds benefit from prone positioning, arthritis drugs

Prone positioning was helpful in patients not on mechanical ventilation, and two very small studies found positive outcomes with drugs used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. ACP members can join a bulk purchase of N95s and gowns.
24 Jun 2020

New guidance and research on COVID-19 outcomes, testing, experimental treatments

The American Thoracic Society addresses potential use of hydroxychloroquine for patients with COVID-19 and pneumonia, and two case series reports describe use of convalescent plasma in critically ill patients with COVID-19 in China.
8 Apr 2020

Adding P2Y12 inhibitor to heparin offered no benefit in non-critically ill COVID-19 inpatients

An open-label randomized trial at 60 hospitals in four countries found no increase in organ support-free days in patients who received a therapeutic dose of heparin plus a P2Y12 inhibitor versus heparin alone.
19 Jan 2022

A rural COVID-19 response

As we feared, Buena Vista County, Iowa, made headlines in late May and early June with the dubious honor of having the highest new COVID-19 case rate in the nation.
15 Nov 2020

Huddling for camaraderie at noon

Our initial goal of the daily noon huddle was to bring our group together to discuss daily challenges and workflow and keep current on guidelines pertaining to COVID-19.
15 Nov 2020

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