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The greatest gift

Because of the steep uptick in cases in my area, COVID-positive patients had to share rooms, like in the good old days.
15 Nov 2020

CMS waives some rules in response to COVID-19, CDC offers guidance on PPE shortages

ACP provided resources on telehealth and physician well-being, while cardiology groups advised patients to stay on angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin-receptor blockers.
25 Mar 2020

NIH guidelines on anticoagulation in COVID-19; research on statin use, omicron variant

The NIH updated its guidelines to address anticoagulation in COVID-19 inpatients, treatment with atorvastatin did not appear to improve outcomes in the ICU, and several studies looked at characteristics of omicron.
12 Jan 2022

Huddling for camaraderie at night

The purpose was simple: Enjoy a favorite beverage in the comfort of your home and join a video meeting to discuss topics pertaining to COVID-19, ranging from guidelines to the impact of the pandemic on families.
15 Nov 2020

Doctors are human

At this moment, I am the only one walking toward the building that towers before me. Even the birds are practicing social distancing.
15 Nov 2020

Tools to fight COVID-19: Ventilator management

It's time to cram on managing mechanical ventilation.
15 May 2020

Loss in the time of COVID

My mother's hospital had decided to all halt all visitors to protect the patients.
15 Nov 2020

Did you sign up for this, too?

I will absorb this sorrow. However, I find myself wondering: Why are others of you still here?
15 Nov 2020

The face of COVID

To me, this was COVID-19 showing its ugly “face” as a formidable virus that is difficult to manage.
15 Nov 2020

People, not problems

The pace, the stress, the facelessness behind masks, and the lack of any real chance to connect made the patients blur together in my mind like never before.
15 Nov 2020

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