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Letter from the Editor

Does your hospital have free wireless Internet in waiting areas, or offer patients aromatherapy and massages?.
15 Feb 2008

Hyponatremia linked to mortality, longer stays, discharge to care facilities

After heart surgery, greater mortality risk for frail patients
24 Feb 2010

Letter from the Editor

Some of this issue's topics include substance abuse in doctors, improved transitions of care, and appropriate use of telemetry.
15 Mar 2012

What's zinc got to do with it?

This case study examines a 59-year-old woman with weakness and fatigue of three weeks' duration.
15 Feb 2012

Letter from the Editor

This issue examines the “July effect,” readmission prevention, blood glucose management, and more.
15 Apr 2011

Letter from the Editor

Although nutrition is one of the most basic human needs, it’s often overlooked in the hospital. Studies have shown that, on average, enteral feeding meets only 50% of patients’ nutritional requirements, and it’s not uncommon for
15 Aug 2009

Letter from the editor

The American Board of Medical Specialties last fall began offering board certification in palliative care, opening up an exciting new career path for hospitalists.
15 Feb 2009

Statin use in the acute care setting

An expert summarizes best practices.
15 Jan 2009

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