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This is Grady Hospital

An encounter with a medical student reminds a physician what she loves about working at her hospital.
15 Dec 2013

The power of respect

Thoughts for interns and residents.
15 Sep 2013

The rights of patients vs. hospital employees

As doctors, our job is to do the best for our patients. We may not always like them or their opinions, but we have to learn to work around it, or refer them to someone who can.
15 Apr 2013

Internal medicine is sexy

One hospitalist gives her top reasons why internal medicine is the most appealing specialty.
15 Mar 2013

Hear my voice

Asking patients if they have any questions isn't the best way to be sure they understand.
15 Feb 2013

Letting go

This man was dying. But like many elephants in rooms, not many people wanted to acknowledge it.
15 Dec 2012

Bursting bubbles

Yesterday I burst someone's bubble. Not on purpose. But I did.
15 Oct 2012


Good mentors help us to get close to our full potential. Here are 10 tips to help you find yours.
15 Jul 2012

Last night an RN saved my life

When I was a brand-spanking-new intern, I took an ICU call that was so scary it nearly gave me PTSD.
15 Nov 2011

No sleep till Brooklyn

A veteran hospitalist reflects on work hour limits for residents.
15 Oct 2011

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