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Intracranial pressure monitoring

Our columnist outlines the four approaches to intracranial pressure monitoring.
15 Jun 2010

The pulmonary artery catheter: To use or not to use?

Our columnist discusses the pros and cons.
15 Feb 2010

The hazards of invasive arterial pressure monitoring

Our columnist outlines 10 possible sources of error.
15 Nov 2009

Noninvasive cardiac output monitoring

Our columnist describes the strengths and weaknesses of currently available minimally invasive monitors.
15 Apr 2010

Intra-abdominal hypertension monitoring

Our columnist outlines the dangers of intra-abdominal hypertension and its sequela, abdominal compartment syndrome.
15 May 2010


TECHNOLOGY TRAPS. A C P H O S P I TA L I S T November 2009 11.
29 Oct 2009


TECHNOLOGY TRAPS. acp-hosp1005:acp-hosp0000 4/28/10 4:48 PM Page 7.
5 May 2010


TECHNOLOGY TRAPS. INTRACRANIAL PRESSURE MONITORINGBy Lisa Kirkland, FACP. Inside the rigid vault of the bony skull, there are three compo-nents: brain tissue (cells and water), blood and cerebrospinalfluid (CSF).
7 Jun 2010


2006;10(Suppl 3):S1). g. TECHNOLOGY TRAPS. A C P H O S P I TA L I S T February 2010 13.
4 Feb 2010

Letter from the Editor

This issue offers expert advice on using checklists, clinical pearls on preop pulmonary evaluation, and guidance for ethically challenging situations.
15 Sep 2010

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