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Percutaneous coronary intervention-related MI is defined, in patients with normal baseline troponin, as elevation >5 99th percentile. ... If the baseline troponin value was elevated, it is defined as a rise of more than 20%.
December 2012

Test yourself: Heart failure

9. /L), platelet count 158,000/µL (158 10. 9. /L), creatinine 0.9 mg/dL (68.7 µmol/L) and troponin 5 ng/mL (5 µg/L). ... Correct answer: B. Captopril and carvedilol. This patient has acute myocarditis, manifesting with flu-like systemic symptoms,
August 2010

On the front lines of aortic dissection

Eagle. “If you have a patient with atypical symptoms, a normal troponin, and a high d-dimer, I want you to focus on PE and dissection.
July 2009

The kidney versus the heart

Coca explained. In response to findings like these, researchers developed new classifications for kidney injury, and the hunt for a “troponin of the kidney” began.
November 2019

MKSAP quiz on end-of-life care

Serum troponin level is elevated. Electrocardiogram displays a sinus rhythm at 70/min, T-wave inversion in leads V. ... The TIMI risk score is 4 (age >65 years, elevated troponin level on presentation, aspirin use, and two angina episodes in the last 24
December 2013

Recent Research

Researchers identified 21,668 inpatients in the Veterans Affairs central databases in 2006 who had elevated troponin levels and were eventually discharged from the hospital. ... There was also some variability in troponin assays at some medical centers
December 2011


troponin T baseline values and changes may have substantially accelerated management, a study found. ... They had high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T measured at presentation and after 1 hour.
April 2015


Cardiac troponin I levels predicted 30-day mortality among hospitalized patients with COVID-19, according to the developers of a new risk score published in the Journal of the American Heart ... 30. Researchers looked at 446 patients with measurements of
November 2020

Heart failure

peptide level, potassium level, troponin level, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation. ... age, N-terminal pro B-type natriuretic peptide level, potassium level, troponin level, New York Heart Association class at admission, respiratory rate,
October 2017


endpoint (95% CI, 3.83 to 17.34), independent of shock or hypotension, right-sided ventricular dysfunction or elevated troponin I. ... However, it would be interesting to compare the results of high-sensitivity troponins, the authors said.
April 2013

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