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Volunteering abroad adds meaning to medical practice

Today's physicians may spend more time at a computer than at the bedside, but not if they volunteer abroad.
15 Nov 2011

Is it peripheral neuropathy?

Learn the right way to diagnose this painful condition.
15 Nov 2010

Pocket-sized procedures

Ultrasound images, formerly only available from machines weighing hundreds of pounds and costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, can now be viewed on devices significantly smaller in both size and price.
15 May 2011

Is it observation or inpatient?

The question of “observation or inpatient” has perplexed hospital physicians for some time, but it's recently acquired greater financial significance. Recovery audit contractors paid by Medicare will be looking at hospitals' one-day admissions to determine whether patients were appropriately admitted or should have been under observation status.
15 Nov 2009

2012 diagnostic documentation update

If there is any certainty in the health care industry today, it is that things will change.
15 Sep 2012

Yes, sickle cell is a pain

For most patients, dealing with pain will be a temporary issue. For sickle cell patients, it's a lifetime struggle.
15 Apr 2013

Making a good connection

Gaining the trust of new patients can be difficult for any physician, but for the hospitalist, it’s a daily challenge. Establishing the rapport necessary for an effective therapeutic relationship requires effort and finely honed interpersonal skills.
15 Apr 2009

Panel picks appropriate uses for PICCs

An expert discusses new collaborative recommendations.
15 Oct 2015

Let's get (more) physical

Physical examinations, patient interactions are emphasized as part of the art of medicine.
15 Sep 2013

Getting to know you

Daily face-to-face meetings improve outcomes and teamwork.
15 Feb 2010

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