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2012 diagnostic documentation update

If there is any certainty in the health care industry today, it is that things will change.
15 Sep 2012

The capacity to determine capacity

One in four medical inpatients can't make a decision. And not just about whether to have the chocolate or vanilla pudding for dessert.
15 Dec 2011

Time to teach

Everybody believes somebody should do it, but nobody has the time to figure out whose job it is. Such is the problematic status of patient discharge education.
15 Apr 2013

Break the fracture cycle

Experts discuss how osteoporosis treatment rates can be raised from appalling to acceptable.
15 Sep 2011

A shift in hospital-physician affiliations

Many more physicians now work directly for hospitals. What does this mean for them?.
15 Nov 2016

Comanagement commandments

Keep consultation relationships well-defined to avoid problems down the road.
15 Jun 2008

Peers swap ideas and tips in new online forum for health care innovations

Swap innovation ideas online.
15 Jul 2008

A deviant approach to hospital challenges

Positive deviance is a bottom-up, rather than top-down, approach to solving seemingly intractable problems in an institution or a community. It's based on the observation that certain individuals or groups (positive deviants) have found better solutions to these problems than their peers have.
15 Nov 2009

Ensure comprehension to increase adherence

Roughly 80 million Americans navigate health care's complexities with limited health literacy skills.
15 Aug 2011

A legal primer for international medical graduates and their employers

Carl Shusterman, JD, answers FAQs about how immigration law applies to doctors.
15 Oct 2008

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