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Do you know this surgeon?

With general surgeons in increasingly short supply, more hospitals will have to bring in temporary surgeons to help fill the demand for emergency and routine surgical services.
15 Aug 2009

Helping patients kick the habit

In the face of recent reports that U.S. smoking rates are no longer declining, hospitalists may be ideally situated to help patients quit.
15 Jan 2010

Clearing or clouding the mind?

Antipsychotics can resolve agitation in patients with delirium, but that may not provide much overall benefit.
15 Nov 2011

A matter of respect

Disruptive behavior is common in U.S. hospitals, according to a recent survey.
15 Apr 2010

Assisted suicide

The prescribing of lethal medication remains highly controversial as clinicians struggle to balance the autonomy of terminally ill patients and the commitment to do no harm.
15 Sep 2010

Want to know why a patient's readmitted? Ask him.

Physicians, hospital administrators and even politicians are eagerly searching for ways to reduce hospital readmissions. But one closely involved party isn't typically consulted: the patient.
15 Apr 2011

For hospitalists, hard work doesn't mean higher pay

Pay per relative value unit differs by geography.
15 Jul 2011

How trustworthy is automated noninvasive blood pressure monitoring?

Most vital signs are now obtained using automated techniques. We put a lot of stock in these numbers. Just how accurate are they?.
15 Oct 2009

Hypertensive emergencies

Not everyone with extremely high blood pressure meets the criteria.
15 Oct 2010

2012 diagnostic documentation update

If there is any certainty in the health care industry today, it is that things will change.
15 Sep 2012

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