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Clearing or clouding the mind?

Antipsychotics can resolve agitation in patients with delirium, but that may not provide much overall benefit.
15 Nov 2011

Dabigatran or warfarin?

With dabigatran now a viable alternative to warfarin, hospitalists and hospitals should develop a plan for its use.
15 Mar 2011

A shift in hospital-physician affiliations

Many more physicians now work directly for hospitals. What does this mean for them?.
15 Nov 2016

2012 diagnostic documentation update

If there is any certainty in the health care industry today, it is that things will change.
15 Sep 2012

Making a good connection

Gaining the trust of new patients can be difficult for any physician, but for the hospitalist, it’s a daily challenge. Establishing the rapport necessary for an effective therapeutic relationship requires effort and finely honed interpersonal skills.
15 Apr 2009

Don't forget the lungs

Hospitalists familiar with preop cardiovascular evaluation may be less comfortable with pulmonary evaluations, which can also be crucial to reducing risk for surgical patients.
15 Sep 2010

Assisted suicide

The prescribing of lethal medication remains highly controversial as clinicians struggle to balance the autonomy of terminally ill patients and the commitment to do no harm.
15 Sep 2010

Hypertensive emergencies

Not everyone with extremely high blood pressure meets the criteria.
15 Oct 2010

Capturing charges on the go

Using a handheld electronic device to capture procedure codes isn't new, but as the technology improves, the approach is becoming particularly appealing to hospitalists.
15 May 2009

Is it observation or inpatient?

The question of “observation or inpatient” has perplexed hospital physicians for some time, but it's recently acquired greater financial significance. Recovery audit contractors paid by Medicare will be looking at hospitals' one-day admissions to determine whether patients were appropriately admitted or should have been under observation status.
15 Nov 2009

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