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From hospital to overdose

Patients on long-term opioid therapy face increased risk of overdose after discharge. What can hospitalists do to help?
15 Mar 2023

Studies find practice variation and frequent adverse events with mechanical ventilation

About 45% of critically ill patients experienced at least one major adverse peri-intubation event in one international study, while another study found that weaning and discontinuation practices vary around the world.
31 Mar 2021

Transitioning to oral therapy for infective endocarditis supported by real-world study

A retrospective study at three L.A. hospitals found similar rates of clinical success at 90 days in patients who received entirely IV therapy or were transitioned to oral antibiotics for infective endocarditis, and adverse events were less common in the latter group.
15 Mar 2023

Intensifying hypertension regimen at discharge associated with readmissions, adverse events

Rates of cardiovascular events within a year were similar regardless of whether patients treated at Veterans Health Administration hospitals for noncardiac conditions had their hypertension medication regimens intensified at discharge.
28 Aug 2019

CDC outlines treatment considerations for severe manifestations of mpox

A new report reviewed medical countermeasures and other treatment considerations for clinicians managing ocular infections, neurologic complications, myopericarditis, mucosal lesion complications, and uncontrolled viral spread in patients with mpox.
15 Mar 2023

Ventilator bundle reduced adverse events, including pneumonia

The bundle included head-of-bed elevation, use of subglottic secretion drainage endotracheal tubes, oral care, chlorhexidine mouth care, and daily spontaneous awakening and breathing trials.
10 May 2017

Adverse events found in nearly 1 in 4 hospital admissions

In a retrospective cohort study using a random sample of admissions at 11 hospitals in Massachusetts, clinicians judged 22.7% of adverse events to be preventable and 32.3% to be serious or worse.
18 Jan 2023

Avoiding beta-lactam therapy in hospitalized patients with self-reported allergies may lead to more adverse events

Developing inpatient programs aimed at accurately identifying beta-lactam allergies to safely promote beta-lactam administration among patients who report allergies is warranted, the authors concluded.
20 Jul 2016

Over-the-counter test for flu, COVID-19 authorized

The FDA also approved albuterol and budesonide inhalation aerosol, the first combination of an inhaled corticosteroid and a short-acting beta-agonist for asthma, among other recent actions.
1 Mar 2023

No adverse events from MRI in patients with pacemakers and ICDs, study finds

The prospective, nonrandomized study included 1,509 patients who had a “legacy” pacemaker or ICD that did not meet FDA criteria to be MRI-conditional.
10 Jan 2018

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