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Remdesivir, ECMO, recommendations on convalescent plasma in COVID-19

The Solidarity trial concluded that remdesivir didn't significantly reduce mortality in ventilated patients and had a small effect on other hospitalized patients. Another study identified factors predicting which patients would benefit from extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). The NIH changed its recommendations on convalescent plasma.
11 May 2022

New info, resources on novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

ACP is offering an updated online learning activity and a podcast to help physicians learn about coronavirus. CME credit is free for members upon completion of either activity.
4 Mar 2020

Early case reports show older men with comorbidities at highest risk for novel coronavirus

Two recent studies described the first diagnosed cases of the virus, while the World Health Organization declared a public health emergency and tallied the number affected worldwide.
5 Feb 2020

Proning didn't help, may have harmed hospital patients on supplemental oxygen

A nonrandomized trial conducted at two academic medical centers in 2020 encouraged awake inpatients with COVID-19 to position themselves on their stomachs and did not find any associated improvement in risk of worsening hypoxemia.
27 Apr 2022

Convalescent plasma did not facilitate recovery in COVID-19 inpatients, trial finds

There was a suggestion of benefit from plasma in patients treated earlier in the pandemic, before remdesivir and corticosteroids became the standard of care, according to exploratory analyses of this multicenter study.
15 Dec 2021

Advance care planning assessed, therapeutic heparin debated in recent COVID-19 articles

Along with an analysis of the pre-existing conditions of patients who died of COVID-19 and a point/counterpoint on use of heparin in ward patients, the latest inpatient COVID-19 research included negative trials of losartan and a potential monoclonal antibody.
23 Mar 2022

COVID-19 guideline update from NIH, postdischarge anticoagulation, remdesivir effects

The latest news on inpatient COVID-19 care includes some changes to the NIH guidelines for COVID-19 treatment, as well as studies showing that rivaroxaban after discharge reduced clots and remdesivir helped inpatients on no or low-flow oxygen but not those who were sicker.
22 Dec 2021

Monitoring outpatients by text appeared to reduce mortality from COVID-19

Patients with SARS-CoV-2 who received twice-daily, automated text message check-ins with an option to report worsening symptoms at any time had lower 30- and 60-day mortality than outpatients receiving usual care, a retrospective study found.
17 Nov 2021

Benefits of dedicated COVID-19 hospitals, ECMO; air sampling after aerosol-generating procedures

A health system reported outcomes at two hospitals created to treat only COVID-19. Another found that 42.9% of COVID-19 patients who got ECMO died, compared to 89.1% when it wasn't available. A sampling study compared viral particles in the air with different procedures.
9 Mar 2022

Negative trials of prone positioning, antiplatelet therapy for COVID-19

Telling inpatients to lay on their stomachs did not significantly improve outcomes, one study found, while others offered some mixed results on the effects of aspirin and P2Y12 inhibitors. Additional research showed that a commonly used triage score doesn't work for COVID-19 and that hospitalists' worry about catching the virus impaired their well-being.
30 Mar 2022

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