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Pharmacist workload linked to worse outcomes in ICU patients with complex med regimens

Patients with complex medication regimens had increases in mortality risk and ICU length of stay in a retrospective study. They also received more interventions from pharmacists, but a higher patient-to-pharmacist ratio was associated with fewer of these interventions.
22 Jun 2022

Risk factors known during critical care admission linked to long-term mortality after sepsis

Older age, male sex, presence of one or more severe comorbidities, prehospitalization dependency, and nonsurgical (medical) status were associated with increased risk of long-term mortality.
5 Jun 2019

IV fluid bolus during intubation does not improve outcomes in the critically ill

A randomized clinical trial at 11 U.S. ICUs found no significant difference in cardiovascular (CV) collapse or death at 28 days between critically ill adults who received a 500-mL IV bolus before induction of anesthesia for tracheal intubation and those who did not.
22 Jun 2022

Time for change in critical care training, society says

A new white paper from the Society of Critical Care Medicine calls for development of a common critical care medicine examination cosponsored by the medical specialty boards overseeing the subspecialty.
11 Jul 2018

June 22, 2022

ACP Hospitalist provides hospital-based physicians with news and information about the practice of hospital medicine.

Estimates of ICU benefit differ among critical care physicians

Decisions about ICU care may be tied to bed availability, family presence, and patient age, one study found, while another revealed wide variation among states in ICU admissions for Medicare patients.
17 Oct 2018

ICU admission associated with worse outcomes in sepsis, better survival in acute respiratory failure

Patients admitted from the ED to the ICU with sepsis had worse survival and longer length of stay than those admitted to the wards, while patients with acute respiratory failure had better survival in the ICU than on a medical ward, a multicenter study found.
8 Dec 2021

Treatment combos, ECMO outcomes, vaccine protection in COVID-19

Recent studies compared baricitinib with dexamethasone in COVID-19 patients requiring oxygen, assessed outcomes of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) over time, and found that the vaccines continue to reduce risk for ICU admission and death despite new variants' emergence.
1 Jun 2022

Only half of ICU patients with alcohol use disorder received thiamine, despite guidelines

An observational study of ICU patients with alcohol use disorder found that use of thiamine supplementation was 59% for those admitted for alcohol withdrawal, 26% for septic shock, 41% for traumatic brain injury, and 24% for diabetic ketoacidosis.
8 Dec 2021

Hospitalists work to find their way in the ICU

The majority of hospitalists report that they treat ICU patients, and many feel insufficiently trained and supported.
15 May 2018

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