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Revving up rural stroke response

Telehealth, helicopters, and hospitalists all have a part to play in reducing disparities in stroke outcomes, experts say.
7 Sep 2022

COVID-19 and stroke, racial disparities; vaccine regulatory updates

Recent studies found that stroke risk in COVID-19 was highest in middle-aged patients, that higher death rates among Hispanic patients were linked to lower health care access, and that mild COVID-19 didn't lead to cardiac abnormalities. The FDA, NIH, and CDC updated their vaccine guidance.
3 Nov 2021

Parsing promotions for academic hospitalists

The scarcity of full professors in hospital medicine relates to the challenges of publishing while working as a hospitalist, a researcher explains.
14 Sep 2022

Racial disparities in pandemic and society highlighted

A British study highlighted the disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on black pregnant women, and articles by physicians urged action against racism and racial disparities.
17 Jun 2020

Forehead thermometers may be less accurate than oral thermometers in Black patients

Compared with oral thermometry, temperature measurement with a temporal artery thermometer was associated with significantly lower odds of detecting fever in Black patients but not in White patients, a retrospective cross-sectional study found.
14 Sep 2022

Racial, ethnic disparities persist in U.S. health care access, spending

Recent studies looked at differences by race and ethnicity in health status and health care access as well as health care spending over time.
25 Aug 2021

Study finds race, gender disparities in detection of substance use disorders in inpatients

Detection of alcohol use disorder was more likely among male compared to female patients and among White patients compared to Hispanic and Black patients.
4 Nov 2020

The problem with pulse ox

Research has long indicated that pulse oximeters can overestimate oxygen saturation in patients with darker skin, but experts are now trying raise awareness of the problem.
29 Jun 2022

Racial, socioeconomic disparities found in burden of COVID-19

Studies show the Bronx was hit much harder by COVID-19 than Manhattan, and many front-line health care workers have risk factors and lack insurance. ACP and other experts call for action to combat disparities.
6 May 2020

September 2020

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