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Fixing, not fighting, electronic systems Even health IT experts get angry at their electronic medical records, but the solution is to work with your computers rather ... Hospitalists who get involved in their hospitals'
May 2016

Electronic health records

meaningful use of electronic health records, which physician practices and hospitals must meet in order to qualify for Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments. ... Overall, ACP is pleased with the administration's responses to the core issues regarding
July 2010

Health IT

The randomly selected sample comprised one independent hospital and one health system-affiliated general medical hospital from every state and the District of Columbia. ... In addition, health care systems should develop educational campaigns involving
May 2020

Projecting the future of inpatient dementia

Q: What motivated this research? A: I spend my time as a health services researcher. ... There's so much happening in hospitals with increased scrutiny on quote/unquote “quality” (whatever that means), the health IT infrastructure, the reduced
April 2012

Fixing EHRs

If you don't feel like your electronic health record (EHR) is as smart and well designed as it could be, you are definitely not alone. ... nobody reads it, it's not clear why it needs to be there,” said Stephen Martin, MD, associate professor of family
May 2017

Khat use in the U.S. A public health perspective. ... Hospitalists have learned to account for a plethora of customs, diets, lifestyles and herbal supplements that may influence patients' health and well-being.
August 2008

10th Annual Top Hospitalists issue

When I give a speech about informatics, what I've always said is health IT is the foundation of a modern medical center. ... In the U.S. now, we pretty much operate almost everything leveraging health IT tools,” he said, adding that he always tries to
November 2017

A vision of the future

It isn't just behavioral health. It's also wound care, which is a huge issue for these patients. ... Behavioral health and wound care are still more in their infancy and experimental.
July 2012

Resisting ransomware

The astonishing thing to me was the fact that it was apparently pretty easy to shut down an entire health care ecosystem,” he said. ... of a hospital's system is actually more dependent on the organization itself than the vendor, said Michael McCoy, MD,
October 2016

The battle against COVID-19

On April 20, the health system discharged its 1,500th COVID-19 patient. ... Southern. At Ochsner Health, “It's been a steady number of COVID patients.
November 2020

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