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Please, no more ‘pimping’ in med ed

For decades, medical trainees who've been grilled in a traditional manner have felt the burn of shame and humiliation. A hospitalist and educator calls for change.
17 Aug 2022

Complications rare but potentially serious after pleural procedures

A narrative review looked at complications related to thoracocentesis, intercostal drains, indwelling pleural catheters, and local anesthetic thoracoscopy.
15 Dec 2021

New guideline released on periop management of antithrombotic therapy

The American College of Chest Physicians issued 44 recommendations, covering use of vitamin K antagonists, heparin bridging, direct oral anticoagulants, and antiplatelet drugs in patients undergoing surgeries or procedures.
17 Aug 2022

Antiplatelet therapy linked to increased risk of post-pleural procedure bleeding

Although patients on antiplatelet therapy were at increased risk of bleeding, including serious bleeding, during the 24 hours following a bedside pleural procedure compared with controls, rates of bleeding and severe bleeding were low, a French study found.
16 Dec 2020

Monkeypox update, new breast cancer type and treatment

In addition to providing an update on efforts to combat monkeypox, the FDA recently approved an infusion drug for HER2-low breast cancer and generic versions of atropine, electrolytes, and other drugs.
10 Aug 2022

Nearly all deaths related to noncardiac procedures occur after surgery, study finds

About 45% of deaths that occurred in the 30 days after noncardiac surgery were associated with three complications: major bleeding, myocardial injury, and sepsis.
7 Aug 2019

Medical procedure service trained residents with high success rate

Over a 4.5-year period at one academic medical center, 5,320 procedures were attempted, 58.7% by a supervised resident and 41.3% by an attending, with an overall success rate of 91.1% and a major complication rate of 0.8%.
20 Jul 2022

Infective endocarditis risk increased after many types of medical procedures

The findings could warrant reconsideration of prophylactic antibiotics for some patients, according to the study authors, who also called for assessment of the costs and benefits of elective procedures for patients at high risk of endocarditis.
13 Jun 2018

Finding new ways to teach procedures

Simulation is part of the current model for procedure training.
15 Aug 2020

SHM issues recommendations on ultrasound guidance for vascular access procedures

The 29 new recommendations from the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) cover preprocedure steps, procedure techniques, postprocedure care, and training.
18 Sep 2019

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