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Discharge timing model identifies risk for readmission, death after COVID-19

Risk of death or readmission within 30 days was higher in patients with fever within 72 hours of discharge; tachypnea, tachycardia, or lack of improvement in oxygen requirement in the last 24 hours; and lymphopenia or thrombocytopenia at the time of discharge.
10 Jul 2024

Care coordination program linked to reduced readmission rates in large health system

A study of 21 hospitals in an integrated health system in California found that a postdischarge intervention targeted at patients at 25% or higher predicted risk of 30-day readmission or mortality was associated with decreased rates of readmission, but not mortality, in the 30 days after discharge.
18 Aug 2021

July 10, 2024

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Communications interventions at discharge may improve readmissions, adherence

A meta-analysis showed that readmission rates among patients who received communication interventions at discharge were 9.1% compared to 13.5% among those who did not. Patient satisfaction was also significantly higher: 60.9% were satisfied versus 49.5% of controls.
1 Sep 2021

Clostridiodes difficile order set increased appropriateness of testing, study finds

The smart order set, implemented in one health care system, put a hard stop on orders for Clostridiodes difficile testing if patients admitted for more than four days had recently received laxatives or been treated or tested for C. difficile.
3 Jul 2024

Discharge of heart failure patients to settings not recommended by therapists linked to increased readmission risk

Patients hospitalized with congestive heart failure who were discharged to a less intensive postacute setting than that recommended by physical and occupational therapists were more likely to be readmitted within 30 days than those discharged according to recommendations.
4 Aug 2021

Getting worse at heart failure

Despite advances in drugs and guidelines, heart failure mortality is on the rise. An expert researcher offers some solutions.
19 Jun 2024

Stopping digoxin after a heart failure exacerbation associated with risk of readmission

Patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction who were taking digoxin before hospitalization had higher short-term mortality and long-term readmission risk if the drug was discontinued at discharge.
31 Jul 2019

September 2015

ACP Hospitalist provides hospital-based physicians with news and information about the practice of hospital medicine.

Disadvantaged neighborhoods and safety-net hospitals had higher readmission rates

A retrospective analysis of Maryland hospital patients found that 30-day readmission rates varied from 14.1% to 12.5% with the disadvantage level of patients' home neighborhoods and from 14.8% to 11.6% with a hospital's safety-net status.
3 Jul 2019

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