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Transitioning from the domain of health care to the domain of health One of the most interesting aspects of the transformation occurring in medicine is the effort that some organizations have committed to reexamining
September 2014

Improving teamwork through the selection of medical trainees Admissions requirements and interviews could be modified to emphasize teamwork, among other strategies.
January 2015

‘Digitally native’ learners and physician evaluation Fund of knowledge cannot be the sole (or even main) proxy for physician quality. ... I recently had an interesting conversation with several co-residents about how our health care
March 2015

Managing acute opiate withdrawal in hospitalized patients The case of a 48-year-old man who presented to the hospital seeking treatment for acute heroin withdrawal is discussed. ... Drs. Smithedajkul and Cullen are residents at the Mayo Clinic
October 2009


RESIDENTS’ PAGE. A C P H O S P I TA L I S T October 2009 27. ... determined by the patient’s. symptoms of withdrawal. acp-hosp0910:acp-hosp0910 9/29/09 10:04 AM Page 27.
September 2009

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