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Nearly 10% of ED patients meeting Sepsis-3 criteria did not have true infection

Of 812 patients meeting Sepsis-3 criteria in four studied EDs, 79 (9.7%) had only possible infection and 77 (9.5%) were not infected, according to later adjudication of the records by trained nonclinician reviewers.
1 Mar 2023

New score predicts sepsis survivors' risk of unplanned rehospitalization or death in first year after discharge

The validated score, which uses eight risk factors, may help inform prognosis discussions, trial design, and follow-up care of adult patients surviving to hospital discharge after a critical care unit admission for sepsis.
23 Sep 2020

Surviving Sepsis Campaign releases updated guidelines for hospitalized adults

Topics covered among the 93 recommendations include screening and early treatment of sepsis, hemodynamic management, ventilation, additional therapies, and long-term outcomes and goals of care. Changes include which sepsis risk scores are recommended.
20 Oct 2021

Review finds no significant difference between IV fluid strategies in sepsis

A systematic review and meta-analysis of 13 trials found that all-cause mortality and rates of serious adverse events did not seem to vary by whether sepsis patients received lower or higher fluid volumes.
10 May 2023

Mortality similar with restrictive vs. liberal fluid strategies for sepsis with hypotension

A multicenter U.S. trial randomized patients with sepsis-induced hypotension to either a strategy prioritizing vasopressors and lower IV fluid volumes or a strategy prioritizing higher volumes of IV fluids before vasopressors for 24 hours after initial treatment.
1 Feb 2023

Goal-concordant care frequently not provided for sepsis patients, even when documented

In a retrospective study, 60% of patients who had survived sepsis did not have goals of care assessed before hospital discharge, and among those who did, 32% did not receive goal-concordant care.
27 Oct 2021

Sepsis scores perform poorly in COVID-19 patients, study finds

In the latest COVID-19 news, a retrospective analysis tested common inpatient risk scores using data from patients who presented to EDs early in the pandemic, and the FDA authorized additional boosters for older and immunocompromised patients.
26 Apr 2023

ICU admission associated with worse outcomes in sepsis, better survival in acute respiratory failure

Patients admitted from the ED to the ICU with sepsis had worse survival and longer length of stay than those admitted to the wards, while patients with acute respiratory failure had better survival in the ICU than on a medical ward, a multicenter study found.
8 Dec 2021

Elevated troponin I levels during sepsis may indicate risk for postsepsis CV complications

A U.S. retrospective study looked at rates of atherosclerotic disease, atrial fibrillation, and heart failure in the year after sepsis in patients with elevated troponin I levels and no previous diagnosis of cardiovascular (CV) disease.
9 Jun 2021

March 1, 2023

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