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Opt-out protocol increased antibiotic discontinuations in suspected sepsis

Inpatients on broad-spectrum antibiotics despite negative blood cultures were screened with a 23-item safety check and then randomized to usual care or messages to their prescribing clinicians encouraging discontinuation of antibiotics.
5 Oct 2022

Surviving Sepsis Campaign releases updated guidelines for hospitalized adults

Topics covered among the 93 recommendations include screening and early treatment of sepsis, hemodynamic management, ventilation, additional therapies, and long-term outcomes and goals of care. Changes include which sepsis risk scores are recommended.
20 Oct 2021

October 5, 2022

ACP Hospitalist provides hospital-based physicians with news and information about the practice of hospital medicine.

ICU admission associated with worse outcomes in sepsis, better survival in acute respiratory failure

Patients admitted from the ED to the ICU with sepsis had worse survival and longer length of stay than those admitted to the wards, while patients with acute respiratory failure had better survival in the ICU than on a medical ward, a multicenter study found.
8 Dec 2021

Goal-concordant care frequently not provided for sepsis patients, even when documented

In a retrospective study, 60% of patients who had survived sepsis did not have goals of care assessed before hospital discharge, and among those who did, 32% did not receive goal-concordant care.
27 Oct 2021

Debates in sepsis

Experts disagree about use of antibiotics, IV fluids, and quality measures.
15 Jan 2019

Elevated troponin I levels during sepsis may indicate risk for postsepsis CV complications

A U.S. retrospective study looked at rates of atherosclerotic disease, atrial fibrillation, and heart failure in the year after sepsis in patients with elevated troponin I levels and no previous diagnosis of cardiovascular (CV) disease.
9 Jun 2021

Registered nurse staffing associated with sepsis mortality risk

Each additional registered nurse hour per patient day was associated with a 3% decrease in the odds of 60-day mortality in a cross-sectional study of about 700,000 Medicare beneficiaries admitted with a primary diagnosis of sepsis in 2018.
1 Jun 2022

High-dose vitamin C not associated with improved mortality in sepsis

A systematic review and meta-analysis found that while high-dose IV vitamin C was associated with less vasopressor use and better SOFA scores, it did not appear to be linked to significant improvement in short-term mortality rates.
15 Sep 2021

Sepsis guidelines review old questions, tackle new ones

The lead author of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign's latest guideline update highlighted the most important changes for hospitalists to know, including recommendations on the use of fluid and vasopressors.
19 Jan 2022

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