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Sepsis guidelines review old questions, tackle new ones

The lead author of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign's latest guideline update highlighted the most important changes for hospitalists to know, including recommendations on the use of fluid and vasopressors.
19 Jan 2022

Internship's depression-inducing effects improved from 2007 to 2019

Medical interns reported increases in sleep hours, quality of faculty feedback, and use of mental health services, as well as a decrease in work hours, all of which might be mitigating internship's adverse effects on mental health.
17 Nov 2021

Sleep heals

Learn why and how to improve inpatient sleep.
15 Jul 2019

Many patients report avoidable sleep disruptions in the hospital, Dutch survey finds

More than two-thirds of patients reported having been awakened by external causes, a third of which involved hospital staff, and the most common causes were noise of other patients, medical devices, pain, and toilet visits.
25 Jul 2018

Clinical decision support tool reduced nighttime vital checks but not delirium

The tool used real-time patient data and a trained prediction algorithm to notify the hospitalist if the patient had a high likelihood of nighttime vital sign measurements within reference ranges.
12 Jan 2022

Patient safety, resident sleep do not appear to differ with flexible vs. standard duty hours

Sixty-three U.S. internal medicine residency programs were randomly assigned to follow standard duty-hour policies mandating 16-hour shifts and an 80-hour workweek, or flexible policies, with an 80-hour workweek but no limits on shift length or mandatory time off between shifts.
13 Mar 2019

Treating obstructive sleep apnea may reduce rapid response events

Researchers compared rates of rapid response system use in patients at high and low risk for obstructive sleep apnea, as well as the effect of positive airway pressure therapy on rapid response events.
18 May 2016

July 2019

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Breakthrough infections, cardiovascular effects of COVID-19, pandemic mental health

Two new studies reported on infections in fully vaccinated people, while another looked at the rate of myocardial infarction and stroke in patients with COVID-19. A survey found depression and anxiety to be common during the pandemic, and the push for mandatory vaccination of health care workers continued.
4 Aug 2021

Ask Dr. Pinson

Get answers to questions about obesity, ultrasound guidance, and other coding conundrums.
15 Jul 2021

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