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March 2021

ACP Hospitalist provides hospital-based physicians with news and information about the practice of hospital medicine.

Duty hours may have no effect on patient safety, resident well-being, care continuity

A randomized trial did not find a patient safety benefit from shorter duty schedules, a study found.
25 Feb 2015

A call to action: Align well-being and antiracism strategies

Physicians have a duty to challenge processes, policies, and procedures that stem from structural inequities.
15 Mar 2021

Is your patient depressed or just demoralized?

Demoralization is common among inpatients and can be treated with relatively simple interventions, according to a psychiatrist.
8 May 2024

ACP advises on physician suicide prevention; study examines depression in med students

New ethical guidance from the College offers advice on how to respond to physician suicide, while a recent study found that depressive symptoms became more common as medical students progressed through school.
9 Jun 2021

Surviving COVID-19

Collect 10 wellness tips from the front lines.
15 Jul 2020

10 tips for physician wellness and more pandemic coverage

The July ACP Hospitalist is online and in the mail, with tips from the front lines on surviving COVID-19, additional articles about the pandemic, and a special focus on care for inpatients with addiction.
15 Jul 2020

Could less be more in care transitions?

Interventions to improve the quality of care transitions may work better when they are less complex, say researchers who offer some ideas for future efforts.
31 Jan 2024

Many recent studies reporting on COVID-19 vaccines' safety, effectiveness

New studies looked at the safety of the adenovirus COVID-19 vaccines, the effectiveness of almost all the vaccines, and the impacts of COVID-19 infection in pregnancy and on long-term cardiac function. A physician columnist addressed pandemic-related anger.
12 May 2021

Clinicians team up to combat burnout

Online group coaching for women trainees decreased burnout symptoms.
10 Jan 2024

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