September 2008

Illustration by David Cutler

Fighting the battle against PTSD

While the military screens soldiers leaving Iraq and Afghanistan for mental health problems at least twice within six months of returning from combat, PTSD can show up several months or years after a person leaves the battlefield. Internists in community and Veterans Affairs hospitals alike must be able to spot and treat PTSD in patients, even when the disorder isn’t immediately apparent.

Letter from the Editor

As combat casualties mount in Iraq and Afghanistan, hospitalists are beginning to see the mental health consequences of the wars here on the home front.

Caring for sexual minorities: Readers respond

Caring for sexual minorities: Readers respond.

In hopeless cases, providers have a right to refuse to continue

Discontinuing treatment: In hopeless cases, providers have a right to refuse to continue.

In the News

More hospitals employing physicians, survey finds.

A remedy for medical waste

Hospitals send unused supplies to needy facilities overseas.

Artificial pancreas closer to reality

Closed-loop system holds promise for in-hospital glucose control.

One size does not fit all

Which hospitalist model is right for you?.

New job? Ask 4 questions before signing on

An attorney offers tips on contract negotiation.

Hospitalist is Michigan medical society's Woman Physician of the Year

Carole Montgomery, ACP Member, has been a hospitalist since the early ’90s.

Measure of the month

Measure of the month: Heart failure.

Hospitalist doesn't hold back on blog about rural medicine

Hospitalist doesn’t hold back on blog about rural medicine.

Journal Watch: Recent studies of note

Recent studies about poor blood sugar control, predicting heart failure, and other topics.