October 2008

Mid-career hospitalist Scott L Oxenhandler ACP Member with medical assistant Denise Adams

Your next hire could be right down the hall

Physicians who move from the community to the hospital mid-career present a potential solution to the hospitalist field's perennial workforce shortage. They also offer some benefits and challenges that differ from those of their hospitalist-track peers. Hospitalist leaders who note those differences and find the means to take advantage of them, are on track to building well-balanced, high-functioning hospitalist teams.

Letter from the Editor

Many think of hospital medicine as a field largely populated by young physicians, but this may be changing.

Letter to the Editor

CMS’ latest “do not pay” conditions: Readers respond.

Do you really want to be your own boss?

Hospitalists face issues as they decide whether to start up or join a local hospitalist group, become part of a large group or management company, or be a hospital employee.

When hospitalists marry: A boon for work-life balance

On-call hours and the unpredictability of many medical specialties can leave married physicians as ships passing in the night—or the front hallway. Yet by working as hospitalists in the same practice, some doctors are able to take care of families and spend quality time together.

Hospitalist-only unit frees time, improves care

St. Mary's Hospital in St. Louis, Mo. saves an hour a day of hospitalists' time.

Conserving blood: How hospitals are reducing blood transfusion rates

How hospitals are reducing blood transfusion rates.

A legal primer for international medical graduates and their employers

Carl Shusterman, JD, answers FAQs about how immigration law applies to doctors.

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The House of God revisited

Jamie S. Newman, FACP, offers a hospitalist's perspective on a classic book.

Coding corner

Coding corner: ICD-9 changes take effect.

Measure of the month: coronary artery disease

Measure of the month: Coronary artery disease.

Physician-mothers compare notes on raising children, saving lives

Physician-mothers compare notes on raising children, saving lives.

Infection risk warning with TNF blockers

Infection risk warning with TNF blockers.

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Recent studies about tight glucose control, radial PCI vs. femoral PCI, and other topics.

In the News

Report shows slowdown in hospital cost increases.